About Me

What made you get into music?

I got into music at a very young age because my mother always motivated me to sing and to write poetry. I come from the Dominican Republic, a very music centric place. When I was a youngster, I moved to Brooklyn and grew up there in New York. I was heavily influenced by a number of famous rappers during my growing up years. Yeah, they were rap celebs like Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Daddy Yankee who boosted my interest in music, more so in rap music. But I didn’t know English so well, so I focused on making my rhymes in Spansih. I love their rhythms. Then Daddy Yankee came out and he became my idol. I wanted to be just like him, and that’s how I came up with the name, Young Daddy.

I used to keep the tunes and lyrics of all such rappers as all of this sounded very cool to my ears and just the words lightened up my soul. Yeah, I told my parents that I wanted to make rap music not just a passion but also a career option. Thank goodness, my parents backed me 100% so that I could pursue my passion into becoming a rap artist in the future. Then my cousin, Mikey, just supported me and believed me and did all the marketing. I feel blessed and grateful. 1 love, I am grateful for everyone that buys my music and shows me love.

How did your parents influence you?

Ok, now that’s a very interesting story that I need to share from my side. They were raised in a very conservative set-up where pursuing one’s passion was nothing else than a taboo. My dad was a baker in Brooklyn while my mom covered was a homemaker after getting married. But when they came to know about my passion of rap music and reggaeton and singing, and how I wanted to make a career out of it then they didn’t object to it at all. On the contrary, they supported me all through my ordeals that I faced to become successful. Through all the ups and down the most special woman in my life is my mom because she held me down through everything.

She made me realize what love means man and what support means man. I mean, love from a mother is real.

What advice do you have for the youth?

Advice! Now this is one thing I need to give very carefully as it can influence peoples’ lives, especially if the youth are being considered. If you ask me personally, then I surely believe that violence is bad, very very bad. It can’t be condoned, ignored or encouraged in any manner whatsoever. One of my cousins got shot and killed just a few months ago and it was so sad. I didn’t get the chance to tell him how much I loved him. I’ve countless friends get shot. But these were cards that I was dealt. I made the best of it. Always keeping moving. I use the violence as motivation. And that’s what I want to tell the youth. Always be creating. Always be creating love. Give someone a hand however you can because it comes back when you need it the most. It’s love.

Drugs are really bad. Always love life and hate drugs. Yeah, I am fortunate enough to keep this drug menace away from my life since the very beginning on my parent’s advice.

Why did you get arrested in NY when you were a teenager?

OMG, that’s so embarrassing but it’s something I wake up and think about every day of my life and probably will until the day I die. But you know, I can’t let my circumstance stop from bringing my music to the public because I changed. When I was living in Brooklyn I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and they were a bunch of misguided teenagers and I just wanted to fit in. So I went along with the neighborhood gang and we went to rob someone who we thought had rob one of our gang members, and it was a misunderstanding and um they called the police and I went to jail. I did my bid and I wasn’t an American citizen at the time, so I got deported to the Dominican Republic and I struggled a lot of here. It was a 13 year sentence. I would apologize to the man if I were to see him now because nobody deserves to have their property violated. But I was stupid and misguided, and ignorant. But now I associate with positive people.

What is your music about?

My music is all about inspiring anybody who is coming from the bottom. My music is about the underdog. My music is about anyone who is poor. My music is for the rich too. My music is for everybody. My music is for people who don’t have a voice because life be that way sometimes.

I want to open hearts. That’s why my first single is called Corazones Cibaneos. I’m from Santiago, DR. The nickname for my city is la ciudad corazon. We have a lot of heart, but there is a lot of struggle, violence, and theft in my city because people don’t know better and they give in to their circumstances.

Who is it for?

Yeah, the question is just to the point. My music is truly for the Dominican Republic and also for everybody else. I love my country, but it can be hell without money. A lot of people struggle out here, especially my family.

What is your dream?

Yeah, my dream is to buy my mom a house in the Dominican Republic and also to be touring different countries to be bringing music hits to people globally.

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